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About Us

Our Mission

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Our Mission

ENGAGE G.M.P. exists to help the local church to:

  • Define their unique call to God’s mission

  • Design a comprehensive plan for the pursuit of that mission

  • Utilize missions as an intentional process for discipleship and leadership development

  • Engage in the great commission through global ministry partnerships.

What We Do

Each church has a unique potential for global outreach. One church may have a mission vision it would like to expand on. Another, a desire to put form around the ideas and passions embedded in its outward gaze. No matter where your church is now, we can arrive at a starting point and begin to work towards a goal.

The development of a vision is something that takes time, prayer and committment from not only passionate mission leaders but also senior church leadership. Mission vision has to be rooted in the upper echelons of leadership to have the support necessary to succeed.

We will work together to develop the vision. Next, the leadership necessary to make it a reality. Finally, work to make connections with potential global ministry partners. These could be missionaries, churches, organizations or ministries to name a few. Each church may have its own potential connections or we can facilitate new ones.

This work has taken on a real global flavor as churches around the world have expressed a desire to reach the ends of the earth. Churches once planted by missionaries are now longing to send missionaries and form global partnerships. 

Engaging Churches

The Great Commission is the responsibility of the local church no matter how large or small the congregation might be. God has equipped His church with all the tools necessary to engage in this mission. The catch is that due to a number of factors, many local churches in America have pulled back from or never engaged in this mission, beyond their own community, and delegated it to para-church organizations or sending agencies. 

Today, many local churches are once again embracing their responsibility to engage in fulfilling the Great Commission. However, many don’t know how to establish a global mission or struggle with knowing where to begin. There are also engaged churches that simply need help with a certain aspect of their mission vision or the development of an international ministry partnership.

This is where ENGAGE Global Ministry Partnerships can help. If your church is ready to move forward, we can help to get you going in the right direction through identifying a vision for mission, training, and discipling leaders, facilitating global connections and ministry development.

Developing Leaders

One hurdle faced by local church leaders is training or identifying qualified people to lead the mission ministry. ENGAGE Global Ministry Partnerships can help by taking potential leaders through a process of leadership development and discipleship. It is vital to have ministry leaders who are connected to the vision of the church leadership and growth in their own relationship with Christ. Our desire is to help establish qualified leaders who can disciple others and develop new leaders through mission ministry and ministry team preparation.

Mission Coaching

Whether you are a church that is just beginning to take an active role in global ministry or a church that has been in it and is facing a new challenge or is in need of some revitalizing, coaching may be just the thing. ENGAGE GMP exists to help local churches in this way. Together, we can engage in a process that will begin with a strong Biblical foundation for mission and work toward the fulfillment of the goals God has for your church.

International Partnerships

One of our primary objectives for the development of effective mission ministry is the formation of international ministry partnerships. These partnerships can take a variety of forms. Direct church to church partnerships, church to ministry partnerships, or a network of churches working together are just a few of the endless possibilities. The creativity, passion, and calling of mission leaders in the local church are the foundation we build upon.

Who We Are

Randy Oss


Global mission has always been a passion for Randy. It all started with a trip to the Philippines as a teenager. Before college, he lived in West Africa for a couple of years then earned a degree in cross-cultural ministry. 

Randy served on staff in a church in northeast Wisconsin for over 10 years before founding ENGAGE Global Ministry Parnterships in 2017. 

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