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Your financial support will help us meet the needs of churches struggling to find their way in mission ministry. You can help us train and encourage church leaders around the world as they strive to expand their reach in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the unreached. Thank you for considering us as your partners in this important work.

A Letter from our Founder

I would like to take a moment to thank you for your interest in the work of ENGAGE Global Ministry Partnerships. This organization was founded in response to a growing need in the Church. Global missions have become much more tangible with the increased availability of affordable travel, communication simplicity where it was nearly impossible just a few years ago, and information that is in the palm of our hands at any given time. People are learning more about the world and this drives new interest in global missions. 

New problems have developed for local churches that have a passion for global ministry but don’t have the tools or trained leadership to take them where they want to go. This is where ENGAGE GMP comes in. We offer coaching to put form to their vision and leadership development to prepare the ones who will lead the way.

Your support helps us cover the expenses associated with this work. Travel, equipment, supplies, and support for global partners are some of these major expenses. Thank you for considering us. Please partner with us as we connect local churches to the global work of Christ.

Randy Oss
ENGAGE Global Ministry Partnerships